This is the start of what will be an ever-changing and expanding site for the display and purchase of my images.  I live in Cathedral City, CA, a jewel in the string of pearls known as the Coachella Valley.  I strive to capture a lot of this area’s majesty and mystique.  I also travel a lot and wherever I roam there is beauty, and quirkiness, and form, and too many momentary glimpses of people and places that must be recorded.  Expect to see them pop up here with regularity.

This site will showcase thumbnails of what I currently have on display in local Coachella Valley galleries as well as images not currently in public.

Every picture has a story, some I put out right away, others are more involved.  Feel free to ask.  I believe art is for the viewer as well as for the artist so your interpretations and feeling about my images are paramount to me as an artist.

I offer a few basic purchase options to cover what a majority of clients prefer but custom sizes, licensing, and other options are available upon request.

Contact me:  robby at wuzzle dot com

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Mono Lake at sunrise 10/10/10

2 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Just read your requeim for facebook on Counterpunch and applaud you for
    it, but only ask what took you so long. Believe me it gets better. No one has 400 friends!

    1. Thanks, Jim! I did it some years back and then I began writing in earnest and doing photography shows so I got lured back for publicity’s sake. I now could care less so adios and Hello! to the rest of my life.

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