If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother

As usual in life, your mother has the first, and frequently the last thing to say about nay topic.  Mine has weighed in on my initial attempt to start up the blog for my upcoming trip, even though it’s not even happening for a month.  I suppose I’ll have to continue on now with the excruciatingly boring details of packing, editing the pack, re-editing the pack, and trying to see just how little I can get by with for weeks on the road.  Not the easiest task for me, ask Dave.  My packing abilities are legend.

To answers Mom’s questions:

I’m traveling down the entire west coast on Hwy 1 most of the way from Portland to San Diego.  I’ll be taking my camera and stopping where the muse strikes and along the way, staying with and catching up with all the friends and family we have scattered throughout the route.  A few days each in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, then off again down Big Sur, eventually landing in San Diego to see old friend Joe and nephew, Robert!

Then over to Palm Springs for a couple of sunny days off by the pool and on to Death Valley where the plan is to be at the lowest point in the U.S. at 10:10 am on  10.10.10,  Anyone who wants to meet me there, I’ll be at the Furnace Creek Resort,


on 10.9 for the night!

After that, a meander up through the Sierras, Sacramento, Tahoe, Reno and back into western Oregon and home about the 15th of October!

I have my work cutout for me.

Bling on his most recent outing to Lake Crescent, WA

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