Fallbrook/San Diego

I slipped into town with the last 10 minutes in light rain which has now turned into actual, well, rain. Thunderstorms to put a point on it. As To paraphrase Storm Large on her recent entry into L.A.; Thank you, San Diego, for the sweet gesture and for trying to make me feel “at home” but I’m on a MOTORCYCLE…enough, I get it…….and further, I used to live here….I know better.
Running around San Diego catching up with old friend Candace and nephew, Robert, seemed like such a fun plan….in the sun; now, now so much. I’m thinking of borrowing a car from Patrick, doing my visiting in the comfortably dry environs of an enclosed vehicle without my luggage strapped to my back. Dinner with Joe and then back to Casa Patrick and Les for another night of luxury before heading out. Actually, I lay in the most comfortable bed in the world this morning thinking about how I might fake the photos for the rest of the trip and just stay here for the remainder.

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