Santa Cruz

Ronnie played host to an absolutely packed weekend around the old haunts. It was great hanging out at her bright and beautiful house, drinking coffee every morning side by side at the counter and diving down the rabbit hole that is The Google laughing and acting like no time had passed.
Out and about we saw many of our old friends, loads of parties, dinners and events. Megan and Art gathered a selection of our neighbors up on Weston Road at their house one afternoon, loads of laughter and stories. We landed at The Boulder Creek Brewery one night with many of the regulars, Thomas and Beth, Laurie and kids galore to hear mark and crew pick and jam. Curt and Mo, Doug and Drew and Justin, I got in as many visits as I could and it was so joyous to see everyone and know that no matter how far we roam, we take all these people with us in our hearts.

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