It has finally arrived. This is my personal version of 2012 although I’m not sure the world is ending but for more than 40 years 10:10 has been a special and magical time. It is rapidly approaching 10:10 am on 10.10.10. I wanted to be somewhere unusual, significant, unique for that moment and I believe that 200 feet below sea level in the heart of Death Valley may just fill that requirement.

Additionally, Dave and I have gone on an annual motorcycle;e run with a group from the Bay Area many times, this same weekend each year, here in Death Valley. As luck, or the fates, would have it, they arrive here for the group shot at Zabriski Point at noon with lunch at the very resort I’m staying at.

And not to put TOO much of a fine point on synchronicity but when I went to research actually staying at Furnace Creek this time instead of several hours away outside of Death Valley, whose name should appear on the resort masthead but that of my boss form 25 years ago! Phil and I had a great quick catch up last evening and agreed that there are no small coincidences, only missed opportunities to stay connected to threads from our past that helped to inform the people we are today. We’ve probably been here a half a dozen times in the 13 years he’s been Director of Sales and Marketing but it took 10.10.10 for me to discover it!

It’s going to be a fine day.

Pause, reflect, celebrate, connect, re-connect.

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