Revelatory Shit

Revelatory Shit

Disclaimer:  I am a definitive child of the 60’s and all that that implies.  Should this not resonate with you, then stop now.

I have always held close to my heart many of the precepts and of the 60’s generation flower children.

I believe in spirit over religion.

I have astral-projected……..often…….and to great lengths.

I have a sneaking suspicion that crystals do hold some power and not just because I find them fascinating and beauteous.

I own a white sage smudge….and use it….. when moving into new digs or purging unwanted energy left over after someone of lesser processes has sullied my space.

I have a twenty page, hand written, astrology chart done for me thirty years ago by a Kahuna healer that I dated in the 80’s.  It still rings true.

I own a chakra-tuned, crystal singing bowl.

I believe in body-work, the spirituality of animals, the purity of the earth and the redemptive quality of the soul.

I have lived my life for forty years on the basis of Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization; Every action in the world was a thought in someone’s mind before it manifested itself in the world.

That being said; today I had a major, long overdue, and much needed revelatory experience with my massage therapist that snapped me to attention and clarified so many things that have been muddling around in my life for months, maybe even years; the jury is out on how far this influence will infuse and marinate.

My spouse, Dave, and I were in a run-of-the-mill, rear-ender last fall.  We expected stiff necks and car repair frustration.

What we got was a HUGE lesson in life’s vagaries. From aging and mortality to infirmity and rehabilitation, we have traversed these past few months full of trials that tested our mettle and literally flattened us, physically, and flat-lined us, mentally, in many ways.

Dave ended up with two spinal surgeries to correct a ruptured disk, loads of pain and immobility and I ventured forth an a cascading stream of moving targets up and down my spine; like playing whack-a-mole with my skeletal structure, fix one misalignment, trigger another and so forth up and down and back again.

I’ve been religiously (sic) seeing Joe Reef, my fortuitously recommended massage therapist twice a week for really, really deep tissue work to try and stabilize and rebuild my core.  Slow work but in the end, I had ultimate faith.

Last Friday something happened.

After a particularly intense session (read painful and WORK) I got up off the table and thought “Wow!  Something shifted in my body!”

I had just scheduled a series of Cortisone injections of the spine for the next Tuesday, impatient for results and not wanting to wait for the physical therapy to slowly try and work wonders.  Over the ensuing weekend, I continued to notice that the body had, indeed, shifted in some basal sense, the pain was almost gone, I felt lighter, less burdened by the physical and more hopeful than I had in months.

I had another session with Joe scheduled for Monday morning, trying to squeeze in one more reinforcing workout to see if the changes were real.

I cancelled the Cortisone, ever hopeful.

On Monday we went to work.

During any hour and half session, if you’re doing it right, you can be expected to do a deep-dive into the inner most recesses of your mind and touch places that are injured, infrequently accessed, and difficult to confront.  Often, people cry, laugh, and in general release a lot of “stuff” that they have been holding onto unconsciously for many moons.

As Joe was REALLY going deep into my back and upper thigh muscles I was, in fact, cursing and screaming, loudly, but constantly reminding myself that to get the most out of this controlled torture I had to continue to breathe through the pain and relax……as if.

And then the images started.

After several particularly practiced and controlled deep breaths I actually felt the muscle structures give way.  Joe told me later that I had an incredible amount of scar tissue built up from 4 hip surgeries over the years and that the pain-inducing nerve clusters were bound up and locked within these masses of scar tissue.  He had been working for weeks to break up this scar tissue and get at the core of the issues plaguing my recovery, and finally he had.

I cannot specifically recall the images, just the clarity with which I saw and experienced these profound thoughts.  I knew as I experienced them that they had deeper meanings that would unfold in my waking life as time passed.

I knew these were revelations.

I knew this was healing.

Towards the end of the session I was suddenly extremely aware of the Singing Bowl the had always resided, silent, in the corner of the studio.  It was crystal (sorry) clear to me that I desperately needed it to sound, long and loud, and that the reverberations of those sound waves were a necessary part of this particular session.

I never said a word.

In less than a minute, Joe stopped his work, walked over to the bowl and began to make it sing.

I was stunned.

Soon the session was over and I slowly came back into my corporeal self and began to move and dress and come back to engaging with the world.  Joe came back and we started our usual review of the just completely work.  I was so completely energized and “on fire” I could almost not contain the energy.  When I explained what had happened with the Bowl he was almost as excited as I, making that type of real connection with a client is as great a validation of what a therapist does as can be had.

He went further to tell me that the elements I was expressing to him were threefold:




He really does not know me well enough to know that my passions in life, as all who DO know me will attest to, revolve around the color orange, rusted metal, and gardens and dirt of any nature.




Maybe he does know me after all.

So a few days have passed and the body is truly healing. My energy is elevating daily, my mood is soaring and there is a peace that has been absent.

And the lessons of this healing are unfolding daily.

Primarily the word “edit” comes to the front of the pack.

We must all work to edit our lives, discarding the negative, the useless, the passé, the clutter of living that we have collected.  In doing so we free up our souls to engage with the world once again and reap untold new benefits what we have only denied ourselves by the distractions of a lives lived too full of Stuff.

This…… Revelatory Shit.

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