An Assualt by Any Other Name

The legal definition of assault: An assault is the act of inflicting physical harm or unwanted physical contact upon a person or, in some specific legal definitions, a threat or attempt to commit such an action. It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in either criminal and/or civil liability.

I believe it is time for some enterprising, forward-thinking attorneys to proceed to a class-action lawsuit against the President, the Attorney General,  the Justice Department, and any other Cabinet members, affiliates, underlings, or other associated riff-raff that have been elevated to positions of power over people and are now, actively and in plain sight, committing assault on the public, the media, and individuals far and wide across the country and beyond.

AG Barr now says that according to him; “As a matter of law. In other words, we didn’t agree with the legal analysis (of Mueller’s report)- a lot of the legal analysis in the report. It did not reflect the views of the department.”

HIS department, Trump’s department.  

It seems that the “law”, according to Barr, is a fungible asset that can be agreed with or disagreed with dependent on the situation and the outcome that they, the Justice Department (and Trump) want to reach.  Over one thousand past and present legal PROFESSIONALS (I use that word with intension) completely disagree with AG Barr and, in fact, in their reading of the Mueller Report can ONLY conclude that the President is a felon, a cheat, a liar, and an obstructionist by ANY accepted legal definitions…..except by the attorney general that HE appointed for the express purpose of containing the report and washing away as much of the taint of criminality as he can get away with. The rest of the Republican senate, the cabinet, the “acting” everybody else who now run our government (and keep in mind that these particular folks owe their livelihoods directly to the President) are therefore smeared with the same feces that contaminates anyone who has been installed by him.  Full Stop.

Across the country the courts (keep in mind the cabal that has taken us hostage with the express vision of stacking the courts) are now the front lines against the blatant, illegal (so far) literal assault on Roe v Wade.  Multiple states have already completely banned abortion and along with it, vital healthcare services for women.  What they have done is ILLEGAL.  It is sssault.  And now the hand-picked handmaidens of the Court of Trump will get to rule on whether millions of women can get what is their right: private, quality, personal healthcare where the decisions made are between them and their physicians and NOT at the largess of any government institution.

The assaults will continue and multiply and encompass every person in the populous. We are a people without a voice now. Stop and think about this.  We were told to “trust Mueller, he’s the best, the most reasoned, the…..”.  Ooops, he copped a plea for himself and slunk off into private practice allowing AG Barr to self-admittedly disagree with Mueller’s conclusion and rewrite $34 million dollars and two year’s worth of history and seal it away in the vaults.

Meanwhile, speaking of assault, what ever happened to the investigation into Russia, Trump, his family, his cohorts in crime, and the now generally accepted fact that without the Russians, Trump would not be president and able to wreak havoc on a global scale?  Assault again, on citizens and non-citizens alike.  Barr’s response when asked about this salient issue.

“I talked recently to the director of the FBI about putting together a special high-level group to make sure we’re totally prepared for the upcoming elections.”

What?  “recently”? He talked to the FBI RECENTLY about putting together a group?  What happened to the reams of reports, investigations, and intelligence that has been devoted to the acknowledged hacking of the 2016 elections?  Why hasn’t there been a Code-Red gathering of the troops long, long, ago to fortify and safeguard our electoral process?  Could it be that the hack worked SO well for the current administration that there is nothing even resembling urgency for them to change the new normal that they, and the Russians, have promulgated on the world.

It is time.  We need to open our doors AND our windows and as Howard Beale in “Network” put it so succinctly; “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”

But we need help.

As a populace we are suffering the PTSD effects of the ongoing assault to our minds, bodies, pocketbooks, and personal spaces.  We are now all effectively in a Stockholm Syndrome of inaction; forced to wail and rant knowing that there is no relief in sight as the powers that govern us are corrupt in their intent and criminal in their actions.

Please, someone, do what Trump loves to do; file a lawsuit.  If that is the only language he can speak, then we must shout it louder and with better, legal, foundations.

It is an assault.  There is no other name.

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