A Reason, A Season, or A Lifetime

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A Reason, A Season, or A Lifetime

December 6, 2019

Today I am peacefully grateful for friends; those who have passed through, passed on, and most especially those who remain.  I have lived my life for decades now by the theory that each and every person who we encounter, no matter how long our lives turn out to be, is put before us for one of these three reasons:

A Reason:  We are to learn something from this person, a lesson perhaps, about them, about ourselves, perhaps both.  Or we are to teach them something, a lesson they need and only we…at this exact moment in time….can impart to them.  Pay attention, learning is a conscious endeavor.

A Season: Most friends are made, and maintained, for a season of our lives.  A season may be two weeks, two years, or two decades.  But all seasons end and as with nature, these friendships will ebb as the leaves of fall.  Our responsibility, and this is the really hard part, is to allow them to pass on through us and not be hurt, angry, or confused.  We must not wonder what we did, or why they don’t call anymore, or just simply why life is different and what happened to them.  Their season with us has ended and we must gently wish them well and allow ourselves to be complete with that. 

A Lifetime:  These are the friends, the family, given or chosen, that we must learn to recognize as integral parts of our own whole and give them all the time, attention, and loving support that they, in turn, supply for us.  If we have 10…we are lucky indeed.

Today the world let slip another old friend.  She was one of two prom dates I had in high school.  Yes, two.  Another day for that story of friendship, need, camaraderie and lasting respect.  Let’s simply say she no longer suffers in this world.  I wish I could find our prom picture!  I have the photo with my other date I know; she and I still talk often and see each other when life allows.  

But tonight, on this early-darkening winter’s eve, I honor this woman, this friend, this companion that was tossed to me so many decades ago by the casual ineptness of life.  This woman who, tonight, the world will mourn…and I will celebrate for bravery, longevity, and just for life.

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