A Real Solution

A Real Solution

To an Imagined Problem

The election looms over us like the Sword of Damocles. Many of us, hopeful and trying to hold on, expect that this time, finally, the right person will win the presidency. Even with tRumpian shenanigans (OK, outright crimes against the country), I believe that right and fairness will prevail and that when they do, we have one last glimmer of a chance to begin a decades-long process of righting this foundering ship of state we are all tethered to.  It will not be as easy as simply brushing away the Sharpie strokes that the soon-to-be-former executive was so fond of fake-legislating with; although a countering stack of the ten most egregious and inhumane of his signing statements might be a great “Hour One” move on Biden’s part to at least throw some oil on our tsunami-churned waters.

Make no mistake, in the post-election run up to the new administration there is going to be unutterable chaos, rampant illegality, incalculable suffering; all courtesy of the almost extinct volcano named Trump and the war-painted villagers that have chanted and danced around his hell-fires for four years. They will do more damage.  It will have to be undone.  It will take work; a lot of work.

Starting on Inauguration Day though, the incoming team has a stellar, patriotic, sensible, and astounding opportunity to shift gears for the country as a whole and point us all in the new directions of sanity and health.  We are in a pandemic.  We will have an outgoing lunatic still at the helm so take charge; show that the new sheriff in town means business.

Cancel the inauguration.

There is nothing in the Constitution that says we have to have a multi-million-dollar tradeshow of a party just to swear in the new president. The last regularly scheduled inauguration not to take place at the Capitol was Franklin D Roosevelt’s fourth in 1945, which was held at the White House instead.  It was wartime.  It is wartime, again. We are essentially in a war right now, with ourselves, our current leadership, and up to 40 percentage of our under-informed voters.

If the incoming Biden administration was really bold, and smart, they would announce that the President will be sworn in by the Chief Justice, at the White House, at noon on January 20, 2021.  There will be no parades.  There will be no balls.  There will be adherence to Dr. Fauci’s pandemic guidelines. The Biden’s need not even make a cursory show of politeness to the incomparable rudeness that is this immediate government.  Why should he even greet the outgoing mess; the not even humanoid who castigated Biden’s dead son, smeared every veteran and any person, city, or sate, that did not show absolute fealty to his eminence.  Handshaking is verboten anyway! 

The DNC and the Biden campaign should put forth a list of charities and aid organizations, all of which have suffered deep and scarring cuts in funding during the last four years, to which the monies normally spent on the inaugural festivities will be directed instead.  

Most important of all, this takes away the podium for the current resident of the White House to foment one last grandstand of a show geared towards his soon to be TV network launch. Imagine the rage that will build in the child-man after Biden decidedly makes him an irrelevant postscript to history.  It will have no bounds. It should be watched and contained wherever possible during the ensuing three months but if, at the end of the transition, there is no grand Cause Celebré, then the wind in those fake orange sails will be essentially deflated.  His rudderless yacht, if not repossessed along with his plane and Mar-a-Lago, will just be added to his “assets” for dispersal to the feds, New York State, and Melania when the rest get done with his sorry, jail-bound ass.

Let Joe Biden and the “traitorous” Democrats show the world what real leadership looks like in the face of fascism, disease, and war-like plundering.

Cancel the Inauguration.  On Day One. On Election Night.

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